Monogrammed Zippered Jewelry Travel Case

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Monogrammed Zippered Jewelry Travel Case  Health & Beauty > Jewelry Cleaning & Care > Jewelry Holders
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Price: $135.00
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Monogrammed Zippered Jewelry Travel Case

Elegantly designed Zippered Jewelry Case with monogram on the outside top of the box around 1 inches based on 3 letters. Features a main compartment, 2 additional compartments, and a section for your rings or cufflinks. Features 3 hooks and a pocket for your necklaces or bracelets. Lined with a gray velvet interior.



Size : 7 1/2 x 4 5/8 x 2 1/8"

Weight : 12 oz

Colors : Black,purple, red, pink

Materials : Aristo Bonded Leather


Steps : 

Choose your monogram stamping either debossed with indentation into the leather or foil stamp that comes in colors 

Both options are All Capital Letters


Note: 3 letter monogram for a man , please fill out the blue section below for your monogram. Example: John Paul Smith is JPS or JOHN PAUL SMITH

Price: $135.00 In stock! - Browse this brand: The Pink MonogramOur products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 2 weeks after your order is placed. There are 49 days left to order this for pre-24th delivery.



Choose your color leather travel jewlery case.


Choose your Stamp Type. 

If you choose Foil Stamping then the next step will be foil color. If you choose debossed, then skip foil color. 


Debossed Stamp

Foil Stamp


Choose your foil color

Foil Stamping Note: Foil is applied to a preheated die, leaving a striking imprint. SKIP this selection if you choose embossing.



Enter Your Monogram
TEXT and WORDS   If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will use the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols. TEXT and WORDS
(IBM, CNN, Tom, Bride, Nana, Cook)
Add Notes & Instructions

Enter any notes or instructions for this order:

( find a monogrammed gift )
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