Coupon Guide

Groupon & Living Social Vouchers:

  1. No user account is required for Vouchers
  2. Enter the code at the bottom of the page, and you are set
  3. Free shipping sales, and other special sales do not effect voucher pricing and shipping agreements.
    example: if your voucher covers the cost of the item, but still requires shipping charges, you will still be billed a shipping charge regardless of if you are redeeming your voucher / or purchased your voucher on a "Shipping Holiday"

All Other Coupons work as following:

  1. To use a coupon
    - Create an account: Create an account here
    - On your account page, enter your coupon code in the Coupons area
    - Once entered, any valid coupons will be displayed at the top of the page
    - Expired coupons, and mistyped / invalid codes will be displayed just below the coupon entry form
    - You must be logged in to use a coupon


  1. Coupons do not stack on sales, and only one coupon can apply at once.
  2. If a sale and a coupon apply to the same product, the software tries to give you the lowest price.  If there is a mistake (a sale blanket price break that is really low, versus a percentage coupon break that effects all base price and option prices, or some such strange mix) - Call Us! We will work it out!  This shouldn't ever happen, but with hundreds of brands, and 10s of thousands of options, it just might someday.  Call us, and we will set it straight.
  3. Coupons are always limited time offers, and are based of the EST time zone.  Most of our coupons happen when the manufacturer provides us with a discount, and we pass it along to you.  They hold us to the time limits, so we must do the same.
  4. Coupons are generally distributed through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Newsletters. 
  5. Coupons do not apply to wholesale customers.  
  6. Once you are logged in, and have entered your coupon code, any valid coupon will be displayed on the page, and any discount will show on the product page, and in your cart.  There are no surprises, so if you don't see it, then something is wrong.  Check your account page, and see if you have an invalid or expired code.

Thank you! 

Have a great time shopping!

-- Monica

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